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Bespoke Props

Crafting Bespoke Props for Innovators, Magicians and Prop makers

At Moshu Ltd., we specialize in crafting unique props for innovators, television, and feature films. Our purpose-built workshop houses an array of cutting-edge engineering tools and machinery, enabling us to transform your creative vision into a physical reality. From CNC machines to 3D printers, our facilities provide comprehensive manufacturing services tailored to your needs. Our flagship custom build, INJEXION, is a sought-after choice among TV shows and innovators.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we now extend our workshop facilities to fellow innovators and prop makers seeking to collaborate on designing and creating bespoke props. Whether you require our expertise in prop fabrication, mechanical engineering, or custom design, our team of skilled professionals is at your service.


We look forward to partnering with you in bringing your ideas to life.



With over 10 years of hire and sales to the film and tv industry, the INJEXION range is the safest and most realistic prop medical syringe on the market.


These bespoke handmade surgical syringes are constructed from authentic materials and perfectly simulate the injection and extraction of liquid on camera, and in person.

A wide variety of syringes are available from rustic Victorian era to modern hypodermic needles. Jared is able to customize the syringes to your artistic needs.


Syringes are available to hire or purchase for Film and TV. Please click the link below and state in your message which version of the syringes you would like and the quantity. Jared will be in touch as soon as possible to arrange your order.


As seen on TV:

Hire & Sales

Hire an Sales

SMOKE GENIE: a GAME-CHANGER in Cinematic Atmosphere.

Find out why this tiny machine has the support from BIG NAMES in ALL creative industries, Including FX, FEATURE FILMS, MUSIC VIDEOS, TV COMMERCIALS and more. With 25 modes of power and a robust design, The SmokeGENIE is capable of the HARSHEST of working environments.

Moshu Ltd. is an Authorized reseller for Ireland and the UK. Please get in contact for more information.

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