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Experience the Magic and the Movies!

Welcome to, the official website of Jared Manley, an accomplished Magician and Special Effects artist with an extensive portfolio in the film and television industry.

Jared's exceptional career has seen him work as a Special Effects Artist on prominent film and television projects, including the Apple TV flagship series 'Foundation,' HBO's 'Game of Thrones,' and the upcoming feature film 'Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves,' scheduled to release in cinemas in March 2023. His contributions to these productions have been crucial in creating unforgettable scenes that immerse viewers in thrilling and fantastical worlds.

In addition to his work in Special Effects, Jared has also created a range of Magical Effects that are utilized by professional Magicians worldwide. His unique blend of magic, psychology, and Special Effects has left audiences spellbound, ranging from major corporate companies to A-list celebrities.

Jared's membership in the prestigious Magic Circle and Sheffield Circle of Magicians is a testament to his expertise and professionalism as a performer. He offers a range of services, including live performances, consulting, and bespoke prop creation, to cater to the specific needs of his clients.

Visit to explore his portfolio, learn more about his services, and experience the magic of his captivating performances.



Marcus Travessey - Guild Hall, London

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